Sunday, December 27, 2009

my burfday 12-25-09

24th of DEC 09.

tht day go sunway countdown
den ply spray
stand at thr oso gib dunno geh ppl spray ==
spray till i vry dirty
yaik ><

den about 2am sumthing
go music city =]
not feng tao

reuben treat us so gud~ x)
room no nid money
beer n coke oso
thnx ya~

go thr tht yuko (x.jing) tangkap me n her frien take pic
zhuk kik ah she ==
den i pei she dian oso

[[picture time~]]


haha.bad dance so funny XD

eat cake time~kaka~laogong buy de~

25th of DEC

go bac from music city at 6.30am
den go my laogong hum slp
slp till 3pm onli wake up
den go bac hum
family having a steamboat wif me~
delicious neh~

i hav a wonderful burfday dis year~ x)

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